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Top Turf Lawn Care is a locally owned lawn care company specializing in lawn mowing, lawn fertilization, weed control, core aeration, over-seeding and lawn pest management. Located and serving in Uniontown and Green Ohio

Top Turf Lawn Care mowing in Uniontown, Ohio

Mowing Services in Uniontown, Ohio

We take great satisfaction in providing our lawn care and mowing to the residents of Uniontown, Ohio. And we do it by beginning with what we call proper mowing. Proper mowing means mowing at the right height for the current weather conditions. We also provide clean, straight stripes; proper trimming (this means at the same height as the mowing) and crisp edging. We finish with a good clean-up of all grass clippings. This is what sets Top Turf Lawn Care apart from other lawn care companies.

We Offer Lawn Mowing Done Right

Proper mowing is the single most important thing you can do for your lawn! Most home-owners cut their lawns too short. Mowing short causes your lawn to become weak and stressed. This forces grass plants to use its energy resources to quickly re-grow the leaf blade that it needs to absorb sunlight. Plants use the sun to create food using a process called photosynthesis. This takes the plants resources away from it's root system where it is better served. Turfgrass mowed at the recommended height will encourage a deeper and stronger root system.

Why Mowing Right Matters

A properly mowed lawn looks better, is healthier, and has the advantage to withstand heat, drought, insects and disease. It will crowd out weeds and even prevent them from occurring in your lawn. New weed seeds will not even have an opportunity to germinate because they will not get the required sunlight to be able to do so. The practice of proper mowing simply produces a better quality lawn than one not properly mowed. 

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Give us a call, send us an email, send us a text or contact us here! We would love the opportunity to check out your lawn, give you a free evaluation (and recommendations if you'd like), and offer our pricing for your lawn. We are confident in your satisfaction with our lawn mowing service. We use quality commercial equipment operated by trained personnel that take pride in their work to give you the look that you expect from a professional lawn care company. 

Top Turf Lawn Mowing in Uniontown, Ohio
Lawn mowing in Uniontown, Ohio

Located and serving  in Uniontown and Green, Ohio and all surrounding areas.